General Information


Name:                                    PRIUS MREŽA Ltd.

Head office address: Pozega, Alaginci 56, Croatia

Phone number:           +385 34 275 705

Fax number:               +385 34 275 706

Ownership:                 Private Company

Managing Director:   Zeljko Romic


PRIUS MREŽA Company was founded in 2011 in Pozega.

Company is registered for design, construction, operation and removal of buildings, construction supervision, building property management and maintenance of real estate, construction jobs and road maintenance.


In the past few years, important construction activity of the company achieved excellent cooperation with domestic and some foreign investors, with construction of industrial buildings, and the construction of large residential areas, office complexes, school and sports facilities, as well as public and religious buildings, and facilities for various purposes, with the rehabilitation, reconstruction and upgrade also take up a large share of the company's business.


Construction activity includes construction services tailor-made, from the initial design and development of projects in the classical and compositional construction, to the construction of facilities to full functionality on a "turnkey", with all the accompanying types of construction, installation and finishing works:


·         Concrete works

·         Reinforcement work

·         Masonry

·         Roofing works

·         Carpentry

·         Insulation works

·         Plaster works

·         Ceramic works

·         Stone-work

·         (Dalmatian stone and other types)

·         Painting works

·         Scaffoldings

·         Facade works

·         Cabinetwork


Company Capacity


Human Resources


The Company employs 41 employees on permanent base. From this number 33 are directly involved in construction and field work, together with the construction engineer. Other employees cover financing, bookkeeping, transportation, logistics and maintenance.


Office Personnel:


·         Director                – 1

·         Accounting           – 1

·         Bookkeeping        – 1

·         Maintenance        – 1

·         Truck driver         – 4


Technical Capacity – Field




·         Toyota RAV4                                – 3

·         Toyota Hilux                                – 4

·         Toyota Land Cruiser                    – 1

·         Toyota Transporter                     – 1

·         Mercedes Transporter                – 2

·         Ford Transit                                 – 1

·         Fiat Iveco Transporter                 – 1

·         VW Transporter                           – 1

·         Citroen Berlingo                          – 3

·         Mercedes Benz Truck                  – 4

·         Trailer for Machines                   – 1
















Completed projects


Apartment buildings in Požega, Croatia


































Business-residential buildings in Zagreb, Croatia













Business-residential buildings in Požega, Croatia









Ongoing project


Biogas Power Plant IMBRIOVEC

Rated power output 300 KW


ZAGREB, Kušlanova 2




Currently we are working on a project of a Biogas Power Plant Imbriovec in Croatia.